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Our primary mission is to collect all genealogical data of the descendants of William Straw born c1660 in England who died in Amesbury, Massachusetts c1712. In doing so, we have amassed a great deal of information on those families that intermarried with the STRAW lines over the years.

Constructed in December of 2006, this website represents the concerted efforts of far too many persons to name who have willingly shared their research data and are in some way connected to William Straw, our progenitor.

Our vision is to ultimately provide in-depth information on all of the William Straw descendants as well as the allied lines. Presently this site contains almost 28,000 entries and encompasses some 5000 surnames.

Information of all living persons has been suppressed to protect their privacy.

Bennett Family Agreement:

As a result of an agreement with researcher Beverly Bennett Baumann <bcolonie@verizon.net>, her BENNETT lines have been suppressed on this website. If you are a BENNETT or researching a BENNETT and feel one of the "UNKNOWN" individuals may be a BENNETT please contact her.

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